NFL Rumors Today On Odell Beckham Trade, Surprise Cut Candidates & Franchise Tag Extension Deadline


NFL Rumors once again feature an Odell Beckham trade, plus updates on some surprise cut candidates and the latest on players about to play on the franchise tag. And it’s all made possible by Magic Spoon cereal! Get $5 off your first order:

Green Bay Packers trade rumors on today’s video feature Cleveland Browns WR Odell Beckham Jr. In an article by Bleacher Reportthat suggested trades they want to see, B/R pitched a trade of OBJ to the Packers for a 2nd round pick. The Odell Beckham trade rumors never stop and it would help the Packers convince Aaron Rodgers to show up.

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Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley found himself in hot water on social media over his COVID-19 comments and refusal to get a vaccine, but could that lead to the Bills cutting him? That’s the idea floated out by the Buffalo News, even though the NFL has said teams can’t cut players if they aren’t vaccinated. And from an on-field perspective, it’s a bad idea for the Bills.

NFL Rumors Today:
– Odell Beckham Trade Rumors?
– Bills cutting Cole Beasley?
– Brandon Scherff Contract?
– Franchise Tag Extension Deadline?
– Marcus Williams’ future?

The NFL Franchise Tag deadline is almost here and things aren’t looking great for a contract extension for offensive guard Brandon Scherff. His franchise tag cost of over $18 million makes him the highest-paid guard in the NFL, which is likely a big reason why he’s rejected all contract offers so far from Washington. With the clock ticking, it appears likely that Scherff will play on the franchise tag this season, hit 2022 NFL Free Agency and potentially leave the Washington Football Team. The New Orleans Saints have a decision to make about free safety Marcus Williams. Will they give him a likely Top 5 (or higher) safety contract or let him play this season on the franchise tag? An extension will likely approach or exceed $14 million per year, but would also bring down Williams’ 2021 cap hit. Is Williams worth that much money?

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