Daily statistical milestones: James Harden moves past John Havlicek and more


Here’s your daily recap of movements in the all-time lists for scoring, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and three-pointers after yesterday’s games.

James Harden No. 36 in assists now

Moved ahead of John Havlicek with 6,120 assists. He’s now 5 away from Clyde Drexler

LaMarcus Aldridge No. 59 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of Michael Cage with 8,652 rebounds. He’s now 57 away from Leroy Ellis

Tim Hardaway Jr No. 69 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Hidayet Turkoglu and Dell Curry with 1,247 three-pointers. He’s now 1 away from Derek Fisher

Carmelo Anthony No. 76 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of Al Jefferson with 7,697 rebounds. He’s now 107 away from Oscar Robertson

Robin Lopez No. 94 in blocks now

Moved ahead of Chris Dudley with 1,028 blocks. He’s now 6 away from Bill Walton

Nikola Vucevic No. 95 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of David Lee and Russell Westbrook with 7,328 rebounds. He’s now tied with Kurt Thomas

Andre Drummond No. 96 in blocks now

Moved ahead of Darryl Dawkins with 1,025 blocks. He’s now 2 away from Chris Dudley

Russell Westbrook No. 96 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of David Lee with 7,320 rebounds. He’s now 8 away from Kurt Thomas and Nikola Vucevic

Rudy Gobert No. 125 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of Tree Rollins with 6,752 rebounds. He’s now 3 away from Antonio Davis

D’Angelo Russell No. 144 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Vladimir Radmanovic with 974 three-pointers. He’s now 2 away from Mark Price and Walt Williams

Tobias Harris No. 152 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Anthony Peeler with 941 three-pointers. He’s now tied with Damon Jones

DeMar DeRozan No. 160 in assists now

Moved ahead of Darren Collison with 3,549 assists. He’s now 5 away from Lamar Odom

Justin Holiday No. 163 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Donyell Marshall with 904 three-pointers. He’s now 7 away from Rasual Butler

Reggie Jackson No. 166 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Jared Dudley, Ersan Ilyasova and Jim Jackson with 884 three-pointers. He’s now 9 away from Devin Booker

Eric Bledsoe No. 167 in steals now

Moved ahead of John Wall with 1,019 steals. He’s now 3 away from Stephon Marbury and Paul Westphal

Eric Bledsoe No. 180 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of John Stockton with 848 three-pointers. He’s now 1 away from Sam Perkins

Mike Conley No. 188 in points now

Moved ahead of Bill Laimbeer with 13,795 points. He’s now 9 away from Deron Williams

Giannis Antetokounmpo No. 197 in rebounds now

Moved ahead of Tom Sanders with 5,799 rebounds. He’s now 5 away from Enes Kanter

Giannis Antetokounmpo No. 199 in points now

Moved ahead of Vlade Divac, Rudy Tomjanovich and Kyrie Irving with 13,405 points. He’s now 25 away from Steve Smith

Kyrie Irving No. 200 in points now

Moved ahead of Vlade Divac and Rudy Tomjanovich with 13,403 points. He’s now 2 away from Giannis Antetokounmpo

Andre Drummond No. 202 in steals now

Moved ahead of Adrian Dantley with 945 steals. He’s now 5 away from Mario Chalmers

Louis Williams No. 204 in steals now

Moved ahead of Elton Brand and Dudley Bradley. He’s now tied with George Gervin and Draymond Green

Carmelo Anthony No. 206 in blocks now

Moved ahead of Andre Iguodala with 626 blocks. He’s now 1 away from Tom Chambers

Karl-Anthony Towns No. 207 in blocks now

Moved ahead of James Worthy with 625 blocks. He’s now tied with Andre Iguodala

Kelly Olynyk No. 229 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Jeff Teague with 710 three-pointers. He’s now 1 away from Dominique Wilkins

Fred VanVleet No. 232 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Austin Rivers and Tony Snell with 703 three-pointers. He’s now 3 away from Jayson Tatum

Dennis Schroeder No. 235 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Rodney Rogers and Kerry Kittles with 695 three-pointers. He’s now 6 away from Tony Snell

Giannis Antetokounmpo No. 242 in assists now

Moved ahead of Bernard King, Hersey Hawkins and Beno Udrih with 2,864 assists. He’s now 7 away from Mark Aguirre

Doug McDermott No. 244 in three-pointers now

Moved ahead of Mickael Pietrus, Carlos Delfino and Danny Ferry with 681 three-pointers. He’s now 2 away from Garrett Temple

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers When asked about the recent reports of Frank Vogel’s job insecurity, Carmelo Anthony said it’s ultimately up to players to execute on the court. “Frank’s not out there.” AK – 1:34 AM
Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina Carmelo Anthony on Russell Westbrook not closing out in crunch time: “It’s an adjustment. I think I know what he’s dealing with. I’ve been there before. I don’t think it’s anything personal.” – 1:29 AM
Bill Oram @billoram Carmelo Anthony punts on a question about Frank Vogel’s job status, saying, “I don’t read the hoopla.” Occurs to me “The Hoopla” would be a great name for a basketball site. – 1:29 AM
Kyle Goon @kylegoon Carmelo Anthony on the team’s performance: “It’s up to us. Frank not out there.” – 1:28 AM
Bill Oram @billoram Russell Westbrook left without speaking with the media but LeBron sure seemed to indicate the end-of-game benching did not go over well with the $44 million man. – 1:28 AM
Jovan Buha @jovanbuha Russell Westbrook, who was benched for the final 3:52 of the Lakers’ loss to the Pacers, left without speaking to the media tonight. – 1:25 AM
Andy Larsen @andyblarsen The Triple Team! 3 thoughts on
1. The Jazz were awful at defending the 3-point line tonight… Gobert and Clarkson especially.
2. Why ‘Dok and House over Paschall?
3. Figuring out how bad the vibes are around the Jazz… fixable? Or unsalv… never mind.
sltrib.com/sports/jazz/20…1:17 AM
Dave McMenamin @mcten Frank Vogel on his decision to sub out Russell Westbrook for the final four minutes of the game: “Playing the guys that I thought were going to win the game” – 1:09 AM
Bill Oram @billoram Asked why Russell Westbrook finished the game on the bench Frank Vogel said he was “playing the guys I thought we’re gonna win the game.” – 1:09 AM
Jovan Buha @jovanbuha Frank Vogel on his reasoning for benching Russell Westbrook for the final 3:52 of the loss: “Playing the guys I thought were gonna win the game.” – 1:08 AM
J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael This crunch time possession sums up #Lakers. Melo tries to switch off LeVert who’s been hunting him like a timberwolf in 4th. THT passes his switch on Sabonis, who’s going to post him, w/LBJ. Melo scrambles back but too late. LeVert is red hot. LBJ chucks an F it 3 in response 🤷🏽‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/RunZS4QSoA1:08 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina Lakers coach Frank Vogel on not closing out with Russell Westbrook: “Playing the guys that I thought were going to win the game.” – 1:08 AM
Chris Mannix @SIChrisMannix The Lakers overpaid for AD (when they had all the leverage to make a better trade), refused to include THT in a deal for Kyle Lowry and made the bonkers Westbrook trade when other options (Hield or, you know, do nothing) made more sense. That’s why they are in this mess. – 1:02 AM
Nate Duncan @NateDuncanNBA Recall last year, in desperation, Vogel finally resorted to not playing the front office’s prize Andre Drummond acquisition in Game 6. This year, he doesn’t play the prize acquisition Russ in what again might have been desperation, this time for his job. – 12:58 AM
Dave McMenamin @mcten The Lakers can’t keep momentum after their Jazz win, lose 111-104 to a Pacers team that had lost 10 out of 11 coming into tonight. LeBron 30p 12r; THT 20p 7a; Russ 14p on 5-of-17 shooting; Melo 14p 7r; Monk 10p. Six game road trip that could make or break the season starts Friday – 12:55 AM
Bill Oram @billoram Frank Vogel leaves Russell Westbrook on the bench at the end of a tight game when his coaching future is, as @theathletic reported yesterday, being evaluated game-by-game. That doesn’t speak volumes, it’s screaming. – 12:50 AM
J. Michael Falgoust @ThisIsJMichael Cant figure out what’s worse: The Lakers offense or defense. Westbrook gets beat middle, doesn’t move his feet to stay in front of LeVert, reaches for a steal, gives up a layup. Terrible looks in traffic/contested. Just horrible all the way around #PacersLakers12:42 AM
Bill Oram @billoram Melo concedes the and-1 and then compounds it by throwing a fastball at the stanchion. Technical. LeVert ties the game at 85. – 12:32 AM
Kyle Goon @kylegoon Melo’s getting killed on D. Just got T’d up after a frustration toss when he got scored on and gave up the foul. Four-point swing for Indiana out of a two-point basket, and it’s a tie game. – 12:32 AM
Jovan Buha @jovanbuha Third quarter: Lakers 80, Pacers 76
LeBron James has 21 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Carmelo Anthony has 14 points. The Pacers are hanging around. The Lakers have had some self-inflicted wounds. Given the last 48 hours, these next 12 minutes are important. – 12:26 AM
Eric Walden @tribjazz Rudy Gobert noted that the Rockets played like they had more fun than the Jazz did tonight. He said part of that is the Jazz feeling the weight of expectations, but he added that the Jazz need to find more joy in the game. – 12:09 AM
Eric Walden @tribjazz Rudy Gobert, on his level of concern over this down stretch: “I’m not worried. I’m not worried at all. I’m a competitor, and no one likes losing at home. … Every single guy on the court has got to be accountable. And that starts with me.” – 12:08 AM
Eric Walden @tribjazz Rudy Gobert: “When we focus on what’s important, for every single person in this locker room, it should be defense. … There were some times I didn’t have my teammates’ backs.” – 12:06 AM
Eric Walden @tribjazz Rudy Gobert: “We were playing great defense in the 3rd, and then, I don’t know. Something shifted. … Where is our focus? Why are we giving them open shots? … If we stay focused, and every guy on the court is focused on defense, they don’t get that confidence.” – 12:04 AM
Tony Jones @Tjonesonthenba Rudy Gobert: what are we thinking about, when they have two guys on the floor that can shoot and those are the guys we give open shots to? I don’t think there’s anyone on our team that doesn’t want to win. We have to work on our focus – 12:04 AM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness Lakers led the entire half, up 56-50. They already have nine 3s, including three from Westbrook.
LeBron, who scored 39 last meeting, has 18/8/4. Brogdon led the Pacers with 10. Both Bitadze and Jackson looked good in their brief opportunity. – 11:42 PM
Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers It is so perfectly Westbrook to go from getting awarded three free throws to an offensive foul in the act of shooting. The swings are always wild. AK – 11:30 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness Successful challenge for Carlisle. Instead of Westbrook shooting three foul shots, it’s an offensive foul. And Torrey Craig has the blood to prove it.
Lakers have outplayed the Pacers in the first half, and lead by 14. – 11:29 PM
Brad Botkin @bradbotkincbs Fouling Westbrook on a 3 is a fineable offense. You shouldn’t even contest him to begin with. If your hand moves in the direction of one of his jump shots, it should be rerouted directly to your wallet. – 11:28 PM
Mike Trudell @LakersReporter THT drilled his second tough jumper of the night, a deep 3, to put LAL up 27-17 late in the 1st Q. Good stretch from LAL’s bench as LeBron sat.
‘Melo then hit a corner 2 to put LAL up 12. Bench has 14 points. – 11:06 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA If Chris Finch, Karl-Anthony Towns or D’Angelo Russell get fined for talking to us tonight, *explaining* a play that didn’t make sense, that will be absolute trash.
They weren’t at all malicious in their comments. They were cautious, and they answered our clarifying questions. – 10:58 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA D’Angelo Russell: “The refs made up some stuff throughout the game. It was all over the place, honestly. There was a few plays — and I’m not saying it was the refs — but I’m sayin it was a few calls. There was a play where I’m not sure if it was a flagrant or a jump ball.” – 10:52 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA D’Angelo Russell on Karl-Anthony Towns fiery approach to the game:
“Karl like that shit. Karl like that. I’m saying like, he likes that rah rah. Know what I mean? I realize he likes that, but it’s a fine line between where it effects the game.” – 10:43 PM
Andy Larsen @andyblarsen Rockets up 83-81 going into the 4th after the Wood buzzer beater, which was pretty impressive… half-court over Gobert? – 10:41 PM
Salman Ali @SalmanAliNBA It’s been so many years and the Jazz’s defense still falls off a cliff when Rudy Gobert sits. The floor has completely opened up for Houston. – 10:40 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA D’Angelo Russell when asked if he said anything to Anthony Edwards about his ejection after the game:
“He got fouled. And then the ref took it personal. I don’t think there’s anything to say to him. It is what it is.” – 10:39 PM
StatMuse @statmuse Most points per minute in an NBA game:
2.08 — Wilt 100 in 48 min
2.07 — Klay 60 in 29 min
1.96 — Klay 52 in 27 min
1.96 — Harden 60 in 31 min
1.93 — Kobe 81 in 42 min
1.91 — Gervin 63 in 33 min
1.89 — Kobe 62 in 33 min
1.85 — Malone 61 in 33 min
1.85 — Embiid 50 in 27 mins pic.twitter.com/mgYJh2ISEX10:39 PM

Jonathan Feigen @Jonathan_Feigen Rockets hang tough, on a 15-0, four-minute run since Jazz went to their bench. Jazz are better defensively when Gobert is in the game. Rockets up two. – 10:37 PM
Dave Early @DavidEarly “I was never as bad as him.”
LaMarcus Aldridge joking about Day’Ron Sharpe’s foul trouble and what advice he might have. – 10:32 PM
Joe Gabriele @CavsJoeG #Cavs get to within one w/4:18 to play, run out of gas late – fall in CHI, 117-104; Cavs win streak snapped at 5, Bulls skid snapped at 4; CHI’s 10-0 run to end 1H proved big; pts in paint: CHI, 58, CLE, 46; Rozan/Vucevic, combined 54pts; CLE, 52%FG, CHI, 55%FG. pic.twitter.com/9KsuvqDs0T10:25 PM

Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef Final: Bulls 117, Cavs 104
DeRozan: 30 pts, 7 ast
Vucevic: 24 pts, 12 reb, 3 ast
Ayo: 18 pts (7-8 FG), 8 ast
Coby: 16 pts, 4 stl
Caruso: 9 pts, 3 reb, 2 ast, 1 blk in 23 mins
Bulls snap 4-game skid, move to 28-15 – 10:19 PM
KC Johnson @KCJHoop Bulls 117, Cavs 104
Bulls snap season-high 4-game skid
DeRozan 30 pts, 7 assists
Vucevic 24 pts, 12 rebs, 3 assists
Dosunmu 18 pts, 8 rebs, 2 steals
White 16 pts, 4 steals
Caruso 9 pts, 3 rebs, 2 assists; first action since Dec. 20
Markkanen 28 points (season high) – 10:17 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Strange, strange game in Atlanta
Wolves 122, Hawks 134
On tonight’s show:
– Ant gets ejected
– Weird KAT flagrant/tech play
– Would have had a shot with more defense
– Another great DLo game
– Trae picks apart Wolves’ coverage – 10:09 PM
Rob Schaefer @rob_schaef Some big shotmaking from Bulls down stretch of this one. Two Ayo 3s, 8 points from DeRozan, and a corner triple from Nikola Vucevic just now have Bulls ahead of Cavs 111-102 with 2:27 to play – 10:09 PM
KC Johnson @KCJHoop Vucevic had been 0-4 before that monster 3. Showed some emotion after it splashed through off DeRozan feed – 10:08 PM
Andy Larsen @andyblarsen Jazz up 62-57 at the half. Much better 2Q from Utah, and they finally started taking away Rockets threes.
Meanwhile, they’ve realized that getting Gobert the ball offensively is a good strategy: he has 13 points and 4 assists.
Props to Clarkson for passing more too: 4 ast. – 10:03 PM
Kyle Goon @kylegoon Lakers are going to start the same way as they did against the Jazz, with LeBron, Ariza, Westbrook, Bradley and Dwight. – 10:02 PM
Scott Agness @ScottAgness Malcolm Brogdon returns tonight for the Pacers. He’s starting at the Lakers, along with LeVert, Holiday, Craig and Sabonis.
Lakers going with Westbrook, Bradley, Ariza, LeBron and Dwight. – 10:02 PM
Jovan Buha @jovanbuha The Lakers are starting the same group as last game against the Pacers:
Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Trevor Ariza
Avery Bradley
Russell Westbrook – 10:02 PM
Jonathan Feigen @Jonathan_Feigen Rockets scoring slowed considerably when the Jazz began taking away open 3s and the Rockets tried the Jazz defense at the rim. Green finished over Gobert but more drive-and-kick will be in order in the second half. – 9:58 PM
Chuck Swirsky @ctsbulls The vet-DeMar DeRozan finds the rook Ayo Dosunmu for 3..” Bulls-Ayo” Ayo: 14-2-6. DD: 24-2-5. White:16pts Vooch: 16-11. Bulls 97-87. 8:23 left 4th – 9:55 PM
Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops Vooch through three quarters – 16 pts, 11 rebounds – 3 offensive rebounds in the third – 3 assists – +10 – trade him!!! – 9:49 PM
Chuck Cooperstein @coopmavs Luka scores a season hi tying 22 points in the 1st half, Mavs needed them all as they lead TOR 55-54. Mavs shooting 58% but just 2-12 from 3pt. The trio of Doncic, Porzingis and Hardaway combine for 47 of Mavs 55 pts. 2nd half soon. @theeagledallas9:46 PM
Mike McGraw @McGrawDHSports Pretty good effort for Vucevic so far, with 16 pts, 11 rebs. Allen/Mobley combined have 18 & 12. #Bulls lead 87-78 after 3, but can they hold off hot-shooting Lauri? – 9:44 PM
Eric Walden @tribjazz Rudy Gobert: Very pleased to get passed the ball on the possession where his defender was laying down on the court. – 9:42 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Nash said the Wizards took the pick-and-pop away from Aldridge in the second half, which caused him to slow down offensively. Credits him to getting hot late. – 9:40 PM
Andy Larsen @andyblarsen Houston up 36-27 after 1Q. Jazz DRtg a 145 in that quarter, which isn’t what you want. Jazz — including and maybe especially Gobert — could afford to stand closer to Rockets 3-point shooters to dissuade the 3. – 9:36 PM
Nick Friedell @NickFriedell Nets squeeze this one out — 119-118. Kuzma and Dinwiddie got clean looks at the end that would have won it, but they didn’t fall. Kyrie finishes with 30 points. Aldridge goes 11-for-15 from the field for 27 points.
The Nets are 28-16. – 9:31 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer WOW. Final: Nets hold on against the Wizards 119-118. Kuzma and Dinwiddie both had looks at the buzzer. Irving with 30, Harden with 18, Aldridge with a season-high 27. Brooklyn survives by the hair on their chinny, chin, chin. On to San Antonio. – 9:30 PM
Mike Vorkunov @MikeVorkunov Nets running their offense through LaMarcus Aldridge is not something I expected to see tonight. He’s got three shots in the last two minutes as Brooklyn clings to a two-point lead with 1:05 left. – 9:25 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer LaMarcus Aldridge hitting big shots down the stretch to keep the Nets in front reminds me of his fourth quarter heroics in Philly in the second game of the season when he had his ‘I’m back’ moment. – 9:23 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Nash rolling with Aldridge, Irving, Harden, Mills and Edwards in crunch time. Four vets, one rook again. Aldridge just scored for the first time in I don’t know how long. – 9:21 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Nets up 113-111 with 3:19 left. Brooklyn trying to hold the lead, which was once as large as 16 points. Kyrie Irving continues to dazzle, James Harden is near a triple-double despite an off-shooting night (7-for-20). LaMarcus Aldridge has just one basket the second half. – 9:19 PM
Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen The @Philadelphia 76ers beat the Magic, 123-110.
Embiid: 50 PTS* / 12 REB / 3 BLK
Harris: 21 PTS / 4 REB / 4 AST
Maxey: 14 PTS / 3 REB / 2 AST
Niang: 10 PTS / 3 REB / 3 AST
Drummond: 9 PTS / 5 REB
Korkmaz: 8 PTS / 6 REB / 5 AST
*ties his career-high. – 9:18 PM
Nick Friedell @NickFriedell Looked like Harden might have gotten popped in the face on a drive to the rim. He stayed on the floor for a few moments but ultimately made his way back to the bench. He’s going to end up right around 40 minutes again tonight. – 9:15 PM
Mike McGraw @McGrawDHSports #Bulls showing some life out here, lead Cavs 58-49 at half. DeRozan 18 pts, White 14, Vuc 10 & 8.
Bulls doing a nice job of gang-rebounding, actually lead 22-14 on the boards vs, much taller Cavs – 9:02 PM
Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops Bulls fans get a competitive team for the first time in half a decade, Vooch was a foundation of that, and then they start acting like Ohio State fans. Gotta love it. – 9:02 PM
KC Johnson @KCJHoop Bulls 58, Cavs 49 at half
DeRozan 18 pts
White 14 pts
Vucevic 10 pts, 8 rebs
Bulls shooting 55.8%
Mobley 12 pts
Markkanen 11 pts – 9:00 PM
Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops I know Bulls fans now like bagging on Vooch, but check yourself and remember no All-Stars were looking to play with Zach until Vooch came over. He and the Magic worked closely on that deal. It was Zach AND Vooch that led to DeMar and Ball sign-n-trades. – 8:57 PM
Dave McMenamin @mcten Carmelo Anthony, who missed the last three games with lower back tightness, is available tonight against Indiana – 8:49 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer End of the third quarter: Nets lead the Wizards 97-88. Not much defense here. Irving has 26 points, Harden 16 and LA with 21. Day’Ron Sharpe looks better and better every game. Needs to get better with the fouls. – 8:48 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Wolves up by 12 at half in Atlanta, 73 to 61
KAT (12) + Ant (18) + DLo (18) on pace to score 96 on their own. – 8:39 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins (1/2) Tell me if I’m incorrect, everybody. The Wizards allowed the Nets to score 74 pts. & shoot 63% from the field. And yet, as awful as those numbers are, I think the Wizards’ defense was OK. Kyrie Irving and James Harden are just incredible talents who were almost flawless. – 8:09 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA Chris Finch has been more comfortable resting all 3 of KAT + DLo + Ant together lately. We saw very little of that in the first half of the season.
With all 3 off, Wolves close the 1st quarter on a 12 to 8.
I think Nowell’s presence is making Finch comfortable with doing this. – 8:09 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS The Wizards go into halftime down 74-62 to the Nets. Tough defensive half for the Wiz. Kyrie Irving (22 pts) and LaMarcus Aldridge (19 pts) were basically unstoppable, while James Harden wasn’t far off (13 pts, 7 ast). – 8:07 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer Halftime: Nets lead the Wizards 74-62. Kyrie Irving has been spectacular. He’s got 22 points on 9-for-12 shooting and is putting on an absolute clinic. LaMarcus Aldridge has been as good with 19 points. Wizards with a 19-6 edge in second-chance points. – 8:07 PM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann 28 points first half for Mo Bamba! No matter how many 3s he makes, Andre Drummond will not defend him on the pick-and-pop. – 8:03 PM
Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann Embiid picking up his third foul has been damaging. Drummond has stunk up the joint for two straight minutes.
People are booing Tobias, but Bamba block was Drummond’s fault. Threw him a grenade with one second left and brought Bamba right to him. – 8:02 PM
Brian Lewis @NYPost_Lewis Aldridge’s 19 points (on 8-of-9 shooting) are the most he’s scored in any half this season. The #Nets are shooting .632 percent and leads Washington 61-49 with 3:21 left in the second quarter. #Wizards7:59 PM
Noah Levick @NoahLevick Andre Drummond just passed Darryl Dawkins to move into sole possession of 96th place on the NBA’s all-time blocks list.
The players right below Drummond are now Dawkins, Kevin Durant and LeBron James. – 7:58 PM
James Plowright @British_Buzz Melo hasn’t tried a full court pass like that for some time, I wonder if it’s something to do with it being a National tc game? Probably over thinking it, but he has definitely dialed it back this season – 7:56 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer From @BKN_NETSPR: LaMarcus Aldridge’s 17 points in tonight’s first half are tied for his most points scored in a half this season.
Aldridge tallied 17 points in the second half on 10/29 vs. Indiana. – 7:54 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins With 6:47 remaining in the second quarter, James Harden is well on his way toward his 66th career triple-double and eighth triple-double this season. Harden already has 10 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists. – 7:50 PM
Evan Dunlap @BQRMagic Mo Bamba shoves Drummond out of bounds and they just call it an out-of-bounds off Drummond. WHAT lmao – 7:46 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer LaMarcus Aldridge with a mid-range shot toward the corner plus the foul. He’s made all six shots and the free throw. Has a game-high 13 points. Nets are going to need that without KD. – 7:43 PM
Nick Friedell @NickFriedell Aldridge off to a nice start — 5-for-5 in six minutes — already has 10 points. Kyrie getting almost anything he wants offensively — had 12 points in the first quarter. Wizards crushing Nets on the boards early: 17-8 and
2nd chance points: 13-4. – 7:42 PM
Alex Schiffer @Alex__Schiffer End of the first quarter: Nets lead the Wizards 33-28. Strong start for Kyrie Irving. He’s got 12 points on 5-for-7 shooting. James Harden was just 1-for-5 in the quarter. LaMarcus Aldridge has 10 points and is 5-for-5. – 7:40 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins Kyrie Irving and LaMarcus Aldridge have combined for 22 of Brooklyn’s 33 points. The Nets lead the Wizards 33-28 after one quarter. – 7:37 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS Wizards trail the Nets 33-28 after one. Kyrie Irving has 12 pts on 5-7 FG, Aldridge has 10 off the bench. Gafford leads the Wizards with 8 pts. – 7:37 PM
Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck A missed Drummond dunk on an oop in transition is an appropriate capper for that quarter for the non-Embiid Sixers – 7:36 PM
Dane Moore @DaneMooreNBA My @PrizePicks for Wolves-Hawks
KAT over 23.5 pts, under 5.5 FTs made
– ATL won’t bring doubles (bad idea), gotta go thru KAT. But that FT number feels high
DLo over 17.5 pts
– Light night last night (only 25 minutes), still had 17
Beverley under under 4.5 asts
– back to back – 7:08 PM
Kristian Winfield @Krisplashed Nets starters tonight against the Wizards:
– James Harden
– Kyrie Irving
– Patty Mills
– Kessler Edwards
– Day’Ron Sharpe – 6:32 PM

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