Today’s Lions News: Dan Campbell Press Conference, Kenny Golladay Future, Free Agency + NFL Draft


Today’s Lions News: Dan Campbell Press Conference, Kenny Golladay Future, Free Agency + NFL Draft

Lions head coach Dan Campbell said at a Tuesday press conference that wide receiver is “somewhat of a need” for the team as they make plans for the 2021 season and that need could grow in the next couple of weeks.

Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Danny Amendola, and Mohamed Sanu are all set for free agency, so the Lions could find themselves with an almost entirely bare cupboard at the position. Golladay would likely draw the most attention on the open market and is a candidate for the franchise tag, but General Manager Brad Holmes didn’t signal his intentions when he took his turn with reporters.

Holmes said that the team is going through a process to determine whether they use the tag and make the “best decision” for the team when it comes to a decision on Golladay.

“I don’t think there’s any debate that Kenny has shown the ability to be a No. 1 receiver in this league,” Holmes said. “With that skill set that everybody knows that he has, that we all know he has, and being at where we’re at a roster standpoint, there’s also been no debate that Kenny has been at the forefront of our mind in terms of making sure that we make the best possible decision for not only the Lions but for Kenny. I wish I had a more direct answer to you to tell you exactly what we’re going to do, but out of respect for that process we’ll keep that in house.”

Holmes said he does not think that the team’s cap situation would keep them from using the tag as they are planning for various scenarios based on where the cap number ultimately comes in for the season. Teams have until March 9 to use the tag.

Though team officials still can’t talk about it for another couple weeks, the Lions have already addressed the quarterback position by agreeing to trade for Jared Goff.

But beyond that, the Lions have significant work to do to address a roster that’s lost double-digit games in each of the last three years.

In a Tuesday morning press conference, head coach Dan Campbell said the team’s needs are fairly apparent.

“We understand where we’re at with this. You can go through the roster and it’s no secret that receiver is somewhat of a need,” Campbell said. “Cornerback, we don’t have a lot of depth. And you’re always looking for competition in areas. Your linebackers, your inside D-line. You probably need O-line depth. So there’s all kinds of holes that we have here — but no different than any other team.”

Campbell added that the goal with free agency should be to address needs so that General Manager Brad Holmes doesn’t have to reach for a need once the draft comes around in April.

“Let’s not feel like we have [to say], well we don’t really love this guy, but man we need a linebacker. We don’t really love this guy, but man we need an inside defensive lineman,” Campbell said. “We’ll find a way to address some of these spots. And if it’s got to be some of these free agents who maybe aren’t quite as talented, but man they’re gritty, salty guys that know how to compete and they’ll hold their own in there, we’ll find those guys.”

The Lions could use their franchise tag on Kenny Golladay, which could at least help solidify a top receiver for Goff. But Detroit will still have to address its depth in a variety of ways.

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