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Peacocks have a lot of weight on their backs with the enormous amount of feathers they have. The more speckles a peacock has is able to attract a suitable mating partner.

2020 football recruits are ready to take flight in the world of College Football Today, even though they carry a lot of weight on their backs. Jealousy, envy and haters are just a part of the weight that these young men must carry, as others wish they could be them. This is a normal part of everyday life as a top football recruit and the recruits chosen on our list are able to rise above the animosity and perform at high levels daily.

Step by step, they choose to keep climbing the step ladder to success in the world of College Football Today.

In 2020 football recruiting news, we talk about all of the offers and what makes each player special in the top 300 at College Football Today. Many big time commits are on this list and the offers they have attained are well deserved.

2020 Top 300 link below


2020 HS All-American Roster below


2021 football recruiting news at College Football Today features top 2021 football recruit offers and further analysis by Coach Trout, owner of Scout Trout Elite LLC.

2021 Top 300 (link below)


Scout Trout Elite College Football Scouting


Find Tykeem Doss on our top Juco recruit rankings at link below, click on pictures for reports, along with Eastern Michigan commit Jayden Machado.


Recent offers at Scout Trout Elite in 2021
2021 Recruit Michael Jackson received offer from the CAL Bears & Top 2021 WR Recruit BJ Howard receives offer from Arizona State!

We release all offers and major interest directly to the three social media platforms below.

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Find 2022 College Football Recruiting News below




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