Anthony Davis offers to give $350,000 to Kentucky Flood Relief


That may or may not be true considering that Davis hasn’t been consistently healthy, and the Boston Celtics might be able to trump a Lakers offer with Jaylen Brown as a centerpiece. An Indiana package may offer more depth, but is it enough? “What do Buddy and Turner do for the Lakers? Add a 5 percent chance the team wins a title?” an NBA executive said. “That’s probably worth one protected first, but certainly not two.” “Maybe if they could combine the Nets and Pacers into one trade, bring back Kyrie, Turner and Buddy, that’d be worth giving up a couple of firsts,” the executive continued. “Even if that saved the Nets a ton of money and Indiana got two firsts out of it, do they agree to work together to help LeBron and the Lakers contend?” -via Bleacher Report / July 28, 2022

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